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About Cliffhanger Tools

Cliffhanger Tools is a small custom tool company in Sandy, Utah that specializes in tools for the professional electrican and craftsman. At the heart of Cliffhanger Tools is Cliff Howard, owner and tool aficionado. Throughout Cliff's career, his passion for quality tools coupled with his involvement in the electrical industry has been a catalyst for the work he does today, developing professional tools that last a lifetime.

Cliff started his apprenticeship with IBEW Local 354 in Salt Lake City in 1970, and was indentured into the local Electrical Union in September 1971.

Cliff took a little break in 1985 to 1990, becoming an Authorized Snap-On Tools Dealer. Always a little bit of a tool nut, he had an appreciation for the quality of the tools and toolboxes he sold, which was mostly to mechanics during that time.

After that, Cliff went back to the Electrical industry until 1995, when he went to work for the Local Union as an organizer and then served two terms as Business Manager for IBEW 354. Cliff enjoyed his time with the Local 354. He also served as a member of the National Joint Apprenticeship Training Committee (NJATC).

In 2004, Cliff went back to work, then after 42 years of membership, retired in July 2013.

Fifty percent of Cliff's career was spent working on Industrial projects (his favorite), all rigid or IMC conduit work, large wire pulls, and leading edge instrumentation. He worked with some really great Journeyman Wireman throughout his career that taught him well. Wes Hoggard's lesson was "You have to chart your bender." Boyd Maughan said, "If you take the measurement, the conduit should fit." Cliff had lots of other great partners through the years, but these two lessons were instrumental and lead to the development of the Repeatable Conduit Bending Chart Program.

With the help of Gary Esplin, the old whittled piece of wood fashioned into what became the Cliffhanger Conduit Level, started this journey.

The Electrical Industry is full of opportunities. The work is challenging and fulfilling, and there are many out there who strive to be the best they can be.

Cliffhanger Tools is a small custom tool company, focused on developing, building and providing high quality, long lasting tools and ideas that will make your job easier. We hope the products and information that you find on this web site will help you achieve your goals.

Cliffhanger Tools offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you are not happy with your new purchase, we will refund the purchase price upon return of the item.

Do you have tools or ideas that you are trying to bring to the craftsmen of the world? Let us help you!

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