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Cliffhanger Tools All Aluminum Custom Tool Tote Boxes are made to last a lifetime. The design has been modified and tested for over 40 years. (Read the story here.) Each custom tool box is hand made in the USA by craftsmen who take pride in building a quality product designed to meet your specific needs. We hope we can build one for you.

I realize that it is hard to get excited about a new toolbox. What you have used up until now has worked, and when it is time for a new one the choices seem to remain the same and it is hard to find something that is going to last. If you spend $30 or $150 down the road a year or two or three, you're faced with the same choices. Well.... Here is a new choice. This is not going to be the cheapest choice, but in the long run it could be the best value. Barring dropping your box off the lift, or a truck running over it, this box has the potential to last for your whole career, and then still have value in your retirement. If it is time to replace the 5 gallon bucket, I encourage you to take a few minutes and design yourself a toolbox with our new feature, Design your own Tool Tote. You can pick the size of tool boxes available, then fill the box with the components that you need to carry your specific set of tools. You are also creating an inventory system that makes it fast and easy to make sure you have all of your tools when it's time to go home. You can look at some of the boxes we have built for other craftsmen below, and see if one of them will work for you.

When you have completed your box design, click on add to cart button and follow the checkout procedure. Please note that you can drag and drop a variety of circles into the shelf area. The tote box will be delivered to you without the holes drilled into the shelves, the shelves and the tool drawers will need to be glued into the tote box with a silicone product, allowing you to create the best fit for your tools.

CHTB1The Cliffhanger Tools All Aluminum Tool Tote Box is typically 10" wide x 12" high x 6" deep. The length of the tote box can be different sizes.

10" x 12" x 6" x 12" Tote Box CHTB1

10" x 12" x 6" x 14" Tote Box CHTB2

10" x 12" x 6" x 20" Tote Box CHTB5

If you need or want a different size, or have questions please contact me, I will reply as soon as possible.

Special item number is CHTB1B

This is Mike's box. Size is 10" x 12" x 6" x 12". There a two tools drawer in front, one for pliers and larger tools, the other for wrenches and smaller tools. There is a 4" shelf in the back. You can drill holes in the shelf to meet your needs.

Special item number is CHTB1A

This is Nick's box. Size is 10" x 12" x 6" x 12". The tool drawers go all the way across the side of the box. One is for pliers and other larger tools. The other is for wrenches and smaller tools. There is a 4" Shelf in the back that you can drill holes to meet your needs. There is also a small socket rail to keep your most used sockets close. A small 4" shelf is in the front to hold a flashlight and wire stripper.

Special item number is CHTB1C

This is Ralph's box. Size is 10" x 12" x 6" x 12". The small tools drawer across the left side of the box is for wrenches and other small items. The large tools drawer on the right side is for pliers and other larger tools. There is a 3" shelf across the front of the box that you can drill to meet your needs. Maybe your ratchets and extensions, or screwdrivers will fit here as needed.

Special item number is CHTB1D

This is Win's box. Size is 10" x 12" x 6" x 12". Tool drawers down both sides of the box. Small one for wrenches and other small tools. The larger on for pliers and other larger tools. The 4" shelf in front can be drilled to hold any tools you might want to carry. The custom tape job will also be your responsibility.

Special item number is CHTB2A

This is Corey's tool box. It is 10" x 12" x 6" x 14". You will notice he wanted three tool drawers and a longer 4" shelf.

Can you think of another layout to meet your needs? We can build just about anything you might want.

Try the new featured drag and drop program "Design your own tote box" by clicking on the link. DETAILS

Find out more about the All Aluminum Custom Tool Tote here.

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