Repeatable Conduit Bending Calculator App 7.0 #CHRCBCA7.0
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Repeatable Conduit Bending Calculator App 7.0

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Repeatable Conduit Bending Calculator App (A Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet).Repeatable Conduit Bending Program

Good News!

You can now have the Cliffhanger Tools Repeatable Conduit Bending Calculator in your pocket! Everything you need to remember about conduit bending, the math, formulas, and conduit facts available for your computers, tablets, and smart phones.

This app is more than just a calculator. Enter a stub length, it will give you a front of shoe mark. Add a length "b" it will calculate the cut length. Back to back bends, offsets, and kicks. All of the day to day stuff, plus concentric bending, parallel offsets, and distance between bends for every degree of bend. It even calculates a deduct for center of bend mark.

If you know conduit bending is art, and plumb, level, and square is your motto. If it is important that the conduit you bend fits the measurements you take, the conduit bending chart is a tool you will use every time you bend conduit.

Fewer mistakes, less waste, and improved productivity creates pride in our trade and a feeling of a job well done!

For a limited time, you can Download the Cliffhanger Tools Repeatable Conduit Bending Chart App right now for ***FREE!!*** Click on the ADD to Cart button at the bottom of this page, complete checkout and the free Microsoft EXEL spread sheet will be sent to your inbox immediately. Go ahead and order it right now, no strings attached... Follow this link to understand why I believe this is the conduit bending app you should be using. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

This app is a Microsoft Excel spread sheet. Microsoft Excel 365 is available for most brands of phones, tablets, laptops, and computers. This app may work on other spread sheet programs. Some of the features may not work on other equivalent programs. Many other spread sheet programs are available for your devices.

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Take a look at the User's Manual for more information.

Get information on Conduit Bending Theory.

The Conduit  Bending App includes a  Conduit Facts Sheet. You can download the Fact Sheet if you would like. Click the link and add one to the cart, complete checkout, and the free Microsoft Excel file will be available in your email. Download the Excel spreadsheet onto your device and chart your bender. You won't believe how many times a day you will use this tool!

Here is a Metric Facts Sheet PDF file & here is a Standard Fact Sheet PDF file that you can open or download and print to hang on the wall at work. Find your conduit facts and share them with your crew.

I might have missed something, when you find it, I believe you will be deep into the theory and the art of conduit bending. Please help me complete the spreadsheet.

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