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The Cliffhanger Conduit Level

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Use this new conduit level, a simple precision tool, to produce accurate, professional offsets and perpendicular bends every time. Just install the Cliffhanger into the end of the conduit, tighten the screw and twist the conduit until the bubble is level. Make your first bend, release bender, and find your next mark. Rotate conduit until Cliffhanger bubble is level at 180 degrees or 90 degrees and make your next bend. You can repeat this process until the desired bends are complete.

The Cliffhanger Conduit Level has two leveling bubbles which helps you create multiple bend conduits that are plumb, level, and square with no dog legs. Leave the conduit level on the conduit until you are satisfied your bends match your measurements.


Cliffhanger Conduit Level

The conduit level tool is made in the USA of an Aluminum alloy and is machined to precise measurements to achieve plumb, level and square offsets, and bends for quality installations of electrical building materials.


The Cliffhanger Level comes in a variety of colors, Black, Red, and Blue. Get yours today! Choose your color and click the add to cart button now.


Do you have questions about the theory and art of repeatable conduit bending? Check out a training presentation of Repeatable Conduit Bending slides as an introduction to using the Repeatable Conduit Bending Program.


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