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Ralph's Aluminum Tool Tote

Item #: CHTB1C




This is Ralph's box. The box is 10"W x 12"H x 6"D x 12"L. The small tools drawer across the left side of the box is for wrenches and other small items. The large tools drawer on the right side is for pliers and other larger tools. There is a 3" shelf across the front of the box that you can drill to meet your needs. Maybe your rachets and extensions, or screwdrivers will fit here as needed.

This could be the last Tote Box you will ever need. The new All Aluminum Custom tote tool Box is now available. If it is time to replace your old tool bag, or tool pouch, and you just can't believe that the old tool box just isn't getting the job done, you'll understand why I developed the Cliffhanger All Aluminum Custom Tote Box with the modular interior shelves and drawers to meet or exceed your tool carrying needs. Design and buy yours Today!


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