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Cliff Howard on 2/10/2015 @ 8:14am

I've turned into one of those old retired dogs that after 42 active years in the electrical construction business have illusions that I might have learned something I would like to share. In todays world, schedules are set by construction managers who in my experience don't bother consulting the electricians for a time frame or estimate about how much time will be needed to complete a wall rough-in let a lone what it really takes to get the power turned on. We just have to get it done before the sheetrock goes on or the concrete dries. So our industry has to change to keep up with the speed of light, and pre-prefabricated systems show up on the job, with MC cable, boxes and devices already install and your only job is to hurry and get-her-done. So I kind of gravitated into the industrial segment where electrical and instrumentation systems were expected to have a life span that would allow more time to install a plumb, level, and square installations with quality standards that I learned to appreciate. Running Conduit, pulling wire, and terminating becomes a life's work with many experiences and many friends and working partners along the way.

The last quarter of my career ended up in the local oil refineries of the Greater Salt Lake City area, and we were installing conduit, cable tray, mounting heavy equipment, welding, and doing all the stuff that got me through the day. Technology reached the point where I decided I wanted to try to build a little spread sheet to help me remember deducts for all of the sizes and types of conduit we were installing.One thing lead to a hundred and the Cliffhanger Tools Repeatable Conduit Bending Chart App was created. We set up a computer on top of our bender and we used the app every time we would bend a piece of conduit.The more we used it the smaller our bone pile became and the more our conduit bends would fit when we installed them in the field. When new journeyman wireman would show up to help out, we would give them a quick walk through of the bending program and they would discover how intuitive it is, and before to long they would find the value of the app. Not to many construction sites are set up to have a computer on the bender, but alas, smart phones and tablets appear and there are all kinds of conduit bending apps available and it's hard to know the value of the app before you buy. Is it worth three dollars or is it worth fifty?

For a limited time and in the spirit of brotherhood, I'm going to offer the complete Cliffhanger Tools Repeatable Conduit Bending Chart App in a free download, no strings attached. You will be able to download the Microsoft Excel file onto your computer, tablet, or smart phone and use it every time you bend conduit. I encourage you to share the file with all of your friends and working partners. If the app doesn't work for you, you simply won't use it, no harm no foul. If in the future you find that it does have value for you, there will be a link on the website for you to share if you want to.

I will be here to answer any questions you have about the app or about my experience with conduit bending. If you discover bugs or have ideas about improvements, I encourage you to let me know. I still have an unanswered question about conduit shrink. I would like your input about a formula for shrink. That might be an interesting topic.

Until later...... Enjoy the art work of conduit bending.

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